As we all know, in math and art Phi is a geometric and numeric ratio relation observed through the parts of a whole giving the most perfect dimensions in terms of consistency.

Explored by ancient Egyptians and Greeks, and employed in numerous architectural and art works, Phi was strikingly incorporated into famous works of Mimar the Architect during his mastership. Although it has been existing since the formation of the universe, we unfortunately do not have exact information about when Phi was explored and started to be used by us, the human beings. ıt is estimated that phi has been explored many times throughout the history.

Leonardo da Vinci is one of the first geniuses who has used the golden ratio from the dimensions of the table to the wall behind and windows in his famous painting called “the last supper”.

Johannes Kepler who has explored the elliptical structures of each universe orbit around the sun described the golden ratio as follows: “Geometry has two great treasures, one of which is Pythagoras theorem and the other is division of a linear according to the golden ratio.”

We, as Phi Electric have undertaken a mission in our industry taking this deep meaning and historical element of Phi into consideration. We achieve perfection in our designs by combining the grace and beauty of the golden ratio with technology.

Phi Electric has primarily expanded its staff specialized in Marine and land systems and reached a position to provide services to the aviation industry over time. Today, our products designed and manufactured by Phi Electric are used by many international airlines.