Phi Electric aspires to develop continuously along with its employees and ensure customer satisfaction by providing products and services at universal quality and standards. Therefore, it aims at being the symbol of reliability, sustainability and reputation for its country, customers, partners, distributors and sub-industry.

Our customers are important to us.

Creating values for our customers and responding to their expectations with quality and stability is our top priority.We rely on our products and it is our responsibility to provide after-sales services to our customers.

Human resource is our most important capital.

The quality of our products and services depends on the quality of our employees. Making the most of talents, power and creativity of our people is our way to increase their efficiency, allow for their improvement, create a working environment where collaboration and solidarity are established and ensure the sustainability of Phi Electric for generations.

Our target is to create resources for continuous development.

Realizing the required investments in order to ensure the sustainability of services; distributing the profit to the shareholders in order to promote the combination of small and large savings; creating resources from the activities in order to contribute to the development of our employees and the society and prevent extravagance by ensuring the wise use of all resources constitute our core principles.

It is essential for us to ensure compliance with business ethics and working principles.

It is our principle to act fairly in good faith and tolerantly in all of our relationships in order to provide mutual advantage and comply with laws and ethics. Fulfilling our responsibilities towards people now and in the future is another core, indispensable principle we pioneer. Acting with environmental consciousness and spreading this consciousness is our duty.