martek4848Collaboration of Phi Electric and TÜBİTAK 
The negotiations between Phi Electric and TÜBİTAK MARTEK started early in 2014 resulted positively. In order to rapidly generate new technologies and develop R&D works in accordance with the philosophy of TÜBİTAK, we opened our office in the technology development region located in TÜBİTAK Gebze premises.

Renewed PhiPanels
PhiPanel was transformed into a event more powerful product by virtue of its new design. PhiPanels with reinforced remote control and communication units due to its advanced design were made operable with more systems. you can download the online brochures of new PhiPanels from our website.

PhiLine has become striking with its new oval lid design
Homogeneous source of light which is the most important qualities of our PhiLine series illumination products has reached an upper level with new oval lids. With new oval lids, reflections to bright surfaces and reflections from close distances have become free of problems. Please send your requests regarding oval lid samples to mail address.

TCS’ were delivered
TCS’ designed and tested in a short time were delivered. TCS’ first used in Antalya airport will soon appear at the leading airports of turkey and Europe.