Being aware of the fact that the capability of generating information and new technology determines the competitive power, Phi electric places more emphasis on R&D and new technology activities.

As we all know, demand of technology in every part of life has not only led to the generation of more advanced technologies but also revealed the compulsion of coordination in this field.

By producing systems with more advanced technologies which perfectly provide coordination, Phi Electric transforms its products into a brand both in national and international market.

We prefer producing systems with more advanced technologies competing in international markets to establishing systems with low-cost labor and traditional structure. In accordance with this policy, we develop long term science and technology vision and realize important investments. Therefore, we have integrated criteria such as R&D and innovativeness structure, effective use of information technologies, labor force with extensive knowledge and skills, accumulation of knowledge and experiences, high quality production and product diversity into the characteristic of our company.

Our success in producing technological systems through R&D and innovation, raising the quality and standards of products and reducing the costs of production not only make us a successful company but also ensure our customers realize successful projects by enriching them in terms of technology.

With our wide range of products such as PhiDrive, PhiMonitoring, PhiPanel, PhiBoard and our knowledge based and competitive economic structure based upon entrepreneurship, innovation, scientific development and high added value technology production, we as Phi Electric act in consistency with the vision of contributing to the formation of Turkey placed among the 10 most developed countries of the world.