Maximum Control

This system is crucial for ship and yacht projects and can be controlled via Bilge and Fire Alarm System. Options with scenario or without scenario on the system enables maximum control.

Multiple control point

With the slaver units connected to the master panel, you can control and monitor the system from everywhere you want.

Compatibility with PhiMonitoring

Besides, you have the chance to work compatibly with PhiMonitoring system. You can monitor and control the alarms simultaneously from all panels and switch to desired condition.

Original design, audio and visual warning

With the Bilge and Fire Alarm System’s customized design according to your project, you can easily detect all visual and audio warnings. Its reliable and easy operation is a big advantage.

Technical Specifications;

  • Working with AC/DC voltage
  • Indication panel
  • Anodized panel with audio and visual indications
  • Working compatibly with PhiMonitoring
  • Working with scenarios
  • Communicating with different automation systems
  • Emergency shut down
  • Remote control
  • Localized shut down options