Sometimes one touch saves lives

General alarm system is one of the most important life saving alarm system. By giving General Alarm System the importance it deserved, Phi Electric developed general alarm system that activates multiple audio and visual alarm systems with a single touch.

General alarm system is designed to send audio and visual warnings to locations from main control stations. System is totally controlled and activated by the admin.

Working compatibly with alarm systems

With general alarm system, you can establish coordination with current system in short time.

When the general alarm system is activated, it automatically shut downs audio and music system in order to divert full attention to alarm.

Technical Specifications;

  • Working with AC/DC voltage
  • Multipoint control option
  • Administrator access option
  • Minimum 80 dB sound power
  • Light warning in loud environment
  • Man overboard alarm
  • Abandon ship alarm
  • General Alarm
  • Fire Alarm Manual
  • Automatic shut down of entertainment system
  • Whistle output
  • Multiple feeding source