New and Unique

We combine PhiPanel post-distribution with PhiBox which is one of our unique designs, using Plug&Play system.

Easy and Quick Connection

With PhiBox, we complete the distribution within any cabinet or location 4 times faster than normal and in a secure manner by means of sockets and special coupling elements.

PhiBox features a special technology and by means of this technology you can provide any distribution over a single device with options you prefer. We can summarize these options as follows:

  • Ready to operate either with Start/Stop system or Push Button system,
  • Incorporates dimmer modules and commissions them if desired,

These two functions may be easily activated/disabled using the Switches on PhiBox.

  • The connections are established through sockets with maximum security,
  • Indications for active main line power inputs,
  • The operating period is much longer as compared to conventional systems and may be easily changed by a personnel who does not have much knowledge on electricity.
  • Line tracking is extremely easy compared to conventional sub-distributions.

PhiBox Outdoor

You can choose PhiBox outdoor for outdoor or field applications.

Secure, shock and water resistant PhiBox outdoor provides maximum performance for challenging working conditions.

Earth residual current feature provides extra protection against electric shocks.

Technical Specifications;

  • Low Voltage
  • AC / DC Distribution
  • Operating with on/off and push button systems
  • Input up to 4 connections, output up to 8 connections
  • Maximum 4 lightening inputs, max. 20 lightening outputs
  • Maximum 2 spare inputs, maximum 4 spare output
  • 12/24 Vdc or 110/220 VAC input voltage (for all )
  • Output current up to 16 Amperes
  • Input and output indications
  • Easy hotplug technology
  • Long operating life
  • Indoors (only PhiBox Classic)
  • Outdoors (only PhiBox Outdoor)
  • Residual current option (only PhiBox Outdoor)
  • Output current up to 25 Amperes (only PhiBox Outdoor)
  • Dimmer option (only PhiBox Classic)