Stylish – Practical – Decorative – Optimum Lighting Products

PhiLine products manufactured by Phi Electric, step forward with quality, design and technical specifications.

Lighting Products have stylish design and provide homogeneous surface and maximum efficiency thanks to polycarbonate covers.

Low CRI – High Economic

You can make a difference with PhiLine by using them discreetly or indiscreetly.

CRI values are one of the most important points in LED technology. It is scientifically proven that low CRI values give permanent damage to human eye and use of LEDs with low CRI values is banned in United States and European countries. Unfortunately, usage of LEDs with low CRI values is very common in our country as there are no such limitation.Phi Electric cares about your health and prefers LEDs with high CRI values. Offers products with highest quality and energy saving by working with top companies in LED technology.

Easy installation and disassembly – Long Economic Life – Low temperature

Having an aluminum and anodized body, PhiLine technology is ahead of its competitors with its devices designed for easy installation. You can mount PhiLine in minutes and disassemble in seconds.

Operating temperature is one of the important aspects of LEDs. High temperature makes the LED get deformed very quickly and shortens its economic life. PhiLine profile’s cooling design provides smooth operation of Lighting Products for years.

Changing Covers

PhiLine offers environment and light power you desired with many different diffuser covers.

Technical Specifications;

  • 24/12 VDC supply options
  • Options to use 60, 120, 240 Ad LED in meter
  • More than 100 profile options
  • Variable polycarbonate diffuser covers
  • Easy installation kits
  • Aluminum body
  • IP 65 models for outdoor
  • RGB option