Meet with PhiBoard

Our source of pride and mainframe PhiBoard.
PhiBoard is produced upon calculation of all details from power to design, assembly to colorization until delivery to the end user.
Having a PhiBoard means problem-free main power distribution.
Customized production as per required measurements – Modular system

PhiBoard System is a compact system designed by Phi Electric design office. easy to assemble, modularity, production in different size and dimensions in a short time and easy to use features are the most striking ones.

Aesthetic and Grace

The most striking features of our designs; aesthetic appearance and user friendliness are highlighted in this product as well. PhiBoards constituting the basis of main distribution systems also feature an ergonomic structure in terms of suitability for intervention.

More Compact, Lighter, More Powerful

PhiBoards that could be produced in different power ranges and versions are smaller and lighter as compared to other products within the same category.

With its unique design and modular system, PhiBoard is one of our most distinctive products appreciated by our users.

Reporting and Errors

Using the touch screens on PhiBoard, you can monitor errors and failures , report the problem to Phi Electric center if you have internet access and receive online support.

Technical Specifications;

  • PLC control (optional)
  • Integrated synchronization system
  • Uninterrupted transition system
  • Split bus bar system
  • Remote control
  • Power Management
  • Load sharing
  • Preferential trip options
  • Network and internet connection options
  • Reporting
  • User friendly touch panel options
  • RAL color code options