Synchronized … more powerful…

Synchronization systems intended to obtain more power more economically ensure synchronized use of your power supplies.

Synchronization systems commission adequate number of power supplies instead of all of them in cases where you need less power are now full automatic by means of Phi Electric designs.

Synchronization system is equipped as standard on PhiBoard. Our synchronization boards produced with the combination of products with international certificates that you may use safely in Land and Shipping&Yacht industry also feature the manual option in order to prevent problems that may arise in emergency cases.

Our synchronization boards may be adapted to your systems without synchronization.

Technical Specifications;

  • Medium and Low Voltage
  • Automatic and Manual synchronization
  • Synchronized operability up to 6 supplies
  • Automatic start and commissioning
  • Load management system
  • Ethernet TCP/IP communication protocol
  • Back-up system